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VFX — “Red vs. Blue” Season 10, Rooster Teeth Productions

October 12, 2012 by  
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vlc-snap2012-10-09-21h16m16s233He’s alive… ALIVE! After a half-year stint as VFX artist, compositor, and live-action pre-viz director on Rooster Teeth’s 10th season of Red vs. Blue, Gray is back on the production scene and taking on new gigs. But oh, what a fantastic time it was.

rvb_s10_e04-bubbleshotThe sleepless nights were easily countered by being surrounded by great friends and an enthusiastic team, and the knowledge that we were cranking out the coolest series on the ‘net. Seriously — Rooster Teeth has been tearing it up this year what with casting coups such as adding Elijah Wood to the ensemble, milestones like hitting a BILLION views on YouTube, and coverage by EW and Wired.

vlc-snap2012-10-12-04h01m04s180Check out the season 10 trailer below (warning: red band edition), and keep an eye out for Rooster Teeth’s new DVD collections coming out this November — they’ve got tons of great supplemental material in the Season 10 set, for example, including some fantastic behind-the-scenes videos of… shall we say… Red vs. Blue vs. Gray? …hm, ok, no, we really should not say that again.

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