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SHORT – “The Special,” Food Porn?

June 13, 2010 by  
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In this photo, director of photography John Bryant makes final adjustments to the “knife cam” attached to actor Gopal Bidari, as director Shiraz Jafri, location sound operator Greg Armstrong, and electrician Tom Shinn look on.

Director Shiraz Jafri, having worked with us on his previous short film “Charades,” hired W&S to serve as Assistant Director, 2nd Camera, DIT and equipment provider on his latest short “The Special.” This short serves as a prequel to his forthcoming feature “Diced.” We shot on a DVX100 as well as a Canon 7D, and for special inserts we used a GoPro Hero (shown in above photo) to obtain various close-up “cooking cam” shots. Below are a handful of screen captures to tide you over until the short is released to the public.

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