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PROMOTIONAL VIDEOS — Rudy Reyes, Next Dragon, Tough Mudder

May 17, 2011 by  
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Here’s the latest video work centered around martial artist, actor, and former recon marine Rudy Reyes, host of forthcoming martial arts reality show “The Next Dragon.” First up, we have a peek at some footage from a personal bio segment, shot on Red One. This is followed by the latest “Next Dragon” promo video shot on Canon DSLRs. Lastly, some screencaptures from Canon footage of Rudy’s participation in the 12 mile extreme (read: designed by the British Special Forces) obstacle course “Tough Mudder.”

Regarding the Tough Mudder, if you happen to wonder whether keeping up with the participants while carrying camera gear would be a new kind of endurance course in itself… Yes. Yes, it was. Fun, though! And as always, it’s been a blast to work on these projects as camera op under director Marcel Rodriguez. Thanks also to producers Janell Smith and Arnie Reyes!

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