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VFX FOR FEATURE MOVIE – My Sucky Teen Romance

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27434531 jpeg_preview_largeSo let’s say you pull together the resources to direct your latest feature, a charming anti-“Twilight” take on high school vampire romance (and let’s set aside that you’re actually juggling attending high school while shooting). You wrap principle photography and assemble a rough cut just in time to make the late submission cutoff to SXSW — and you’re accepted! Well then, congratulations, you now have about a month to complete your screening cut, including final edit, ADR, sound mix, color… and nearly 100 visual effects (VFX) shots.

Congrats to wunderkind director (hm, I wonder if she’s tired of being called that) Emily Hagins, producer Paul Gandersman and VFX supervisor Brian Behm on making it into (and in time for) SXSW! Gray was proud to survive — er, serve as a digital artist/compositor on the project! Blood work, glowing eyes, flying bats, smoking skin, vamp reflection removal — the project had all the hallmarks of classic vampire effects, and then just kept on going (a wereadillo?!).

We can’t show you anything here quite yet, but you can certainly request to take a peek at the VFX demo reel!


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